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    This will be
    your new running challenge
    Discover european cities
    running* or walking
    Are you ready?

What is

The Urban Trail is a racing circuit in European cities with high historical and cultural heritage.

Climbing stairs, going into a castle, gardens, alleyways, tunnels, bridges, neighborhoods, places, river banks, all of this it going to be the challenge that we propose and will be part of all European Circuit Urban Trail This will be a challenge in which you do what you like and you discover large cities with history and heritage

Challenge yourself and run in our Cities's Urban Environments... will be the our slogan.

How and Where
will Urban Trail be ?

As we mention it will be a European circuit where you can scoring inter-city.

To take part in an edition (eg; Porto, Venice, Rome, etc.) sums points and score on the international circuit. Also doing what you love to do; RUNNING while you discover cities with great heritage and history in fantastic environments

It will be in various and wonderful
European cities!

How will it happen
each edition?

You can venture out and do the Running RACE or family WALKING/Trekking, where all cities have different specifications.

Besides the differences in each of the City courses, its paths and their magical and historical places that you can meet and discover, this could be done Running or Trekking.

can i sign up?

Choose the city that you intend to enroll.

As we mentioned, it can take place in several European cities.

1º Place
2º Place
3º Place
4º Place
5º Place
100 Points
75 Points
50 Points
40 Points
35 Points
6º Place
7º Place
8º Place
9º Place
10º Place
30 Points
20 Points
15 Points
10 Points
5 Points

the Winner
(more points) at each city
(first female anf first male)
will win a prize.


moments to remember :)

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